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Tribal Sovereignty

We, the people of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, adopted our own constitution on June 18th, 1934 to form a more representative organization; to exercise the duties and responsibilities of a representative Tribal government; to conserve and develop our Tribal lands and resources for ourselves and our children; to provide a higher standard of living, better home life and better homes within the reservation; and to extend to our people the right to form business and other organizations. Click HERE to see the Constitution of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

The Tribal Council consists of the Tribal Chairwoman, Vice-Chairman, and nine council members, elected by majority vote, from four separate districts. Council members are elected to a staggered four-year term. The Tribal Council represents the White Mountain Apache Tribe and it’s people and acts in all matters that concern the welfare of the Tribe, and to exercise all powers vested in the Tribe through it’s inherent sovereignty.

Meet Our Leaders



Chairwoman Gatewood’s family is from Cibecue, AZ. She is the youngest of 11 siblings. She is of the Nilchi’lentin Clan, born for the Tse’kine Clan. She is the first ever female elected to the highest office. She is a graduate of Show Low High School and Northern Arizona University. She is married to Marty Gatewood and they have 3 children. She enjoys horseback riding and the outdoors. 

Chairwoman Gatewood is up for re-election in 2022.

Jerome Kasey lll


Jerome Kasey III, Tlohk’aa’Dogain (Row of White Corn People) born for Iyahaiye (Mesquite People) Having Roots in Carrizo and raised in Whiteriver, was elected to his first term of District IV Council in 2014. Is now serving his second term on the White Mountain Apache Tribal Council as Vice Chairman. Went to school at Northland Pioneer College and Northern Arizona University Studied Music Education and Psychology and is a member of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity. He is also an Honorable Discharged member of the United States Marine Corps and is also a Founder and Board Chairman of the Apache Youth Programs. He also is an active member of his church where he serves as a Youth Pastor and works to help his community and is very active with our people with
outdoor activities and recreation. He firmly stands on the Word of God and is reminded daily  “I can do all thing through Christ who Strengthens me”. Chairman Kasey is up for re-election in 2022. 

Arnold Beach Sr.

councilman - district 1

Councilman Beach is up for re-election in 2020. 


Travis Tessay Sr.

councilman - district 1

Councilman Tessay is up for re-election 2022. 


Renaldo Dazen

councilman - district 2

Councilman Dazen is up for re-election 2022. 


Jerold Altaha

Councilman - district 2

Councilman Altaha is up for re-election 2020. 


Ralph Thomas

councilman - district 3

Councilman Thomas is up for re-election 2020. 


Alvin Declay Sr.

Councilman - district 3

Councilman Declay is up for re-election 2022. 


Alvena Bush

councilwoman - district 4

Councilwoman Bush is up for re-election 2022. 


Everett Massey

Councilman - district 4

Councilman Massey is up for re-election 2020. 


Gary Alchesay

councilman - district 4

Councilman Alchesay is up for re-election 2022. 


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